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Moments of true connection.

Feeling capable. Proud.

These are life's ‘big-ticket’ items, for all humans - big or small.

And you don't have to live without them.

At Integrated OT,

we use a science-based approach to give you the functional skills and strategies you need each day. And the practical support to make them work for you. 

What Do We Actually Do?

Most people come to see an Occupational Therapist because they're having trouble doing something in their life...big or small...that they need to be able to do.


...maybe its at home...making dinner or coordinating life admin...


...maybe its in the community...catching the bus to get to the shops...

...or making and keeping friends...and managing the social skills you constantly need to do this...

The thing is, that the reason you might be having these challenges is unique to you - it relies on your own individual set of circumstances. The people who surround you, your environment, your stage of life and the things that matter to you. And we get that. 

What happens in Occupational Therapy (OT) can seem random, unconventional, overly simple and different from what other people might have described having done with their OT. Seems weird, we know. Our clients have all sorts of interesting life stories that they come to us with - even the little ones do. We are sort of like a 'go- between' - we help you to take the medical and health based bits of your life and merge them with your everyday, real-life stuff. 

Our Values

It's pretty common for organisations to go on and on about their values - we will spare you the long winded 'Oscars speech' about them and get to the point - what they are and what they look like to us (and how they should be experienced as by you). So, at Integrated OT, are core values are;

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This means for us, we aim to find a way to make a change that 'works' beyond an appointment - one that is sustainable in the person's everyday life.



Being leaders in everything that we do for us, means that we lead ourselves and others by 'running your own race'. We don't have to follow others to do great things and can sit with short term discomfort to be great long-term leaders.


Making space for innovation means looking at challenges in a different way and thinking outside the square for solutions. Our contribution to your life can be a unique one.


We can do hard things. This means not giving up when things get difficult - it means dusting off, getting back up and working out another way.

Our Values
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