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We know that as parents you have a lot on your mind and huge amount of this is related to your children's development and wellbeing. These presentations have been designed while keeping that in mind and address some of the big areas we find are often discussed with therapists. We invite parents, grandparents, family members or other supports to attend these talks and are happy for you to come along to a single session or all three sessions depending on your needs. All sessions are presented by an experienced Occupational Therapist are free of charge - the only thing that we ask of you if attending is that you provide feedback on whether the presentation was useful and any ideas for future improvement. 

Parent Talks


Preparing your child for the transition to primary school

  • What you should know

  • How to best support them

  • Changing family routines


Getting ready for your child's next year at school

  • Putting plans in place to support successful learning

  • Trying to help your child catch up if you feel like they are already behind

  • Helping to support areas of school that have been a challenge...handwriting, friendships, concentration anyone?


Practical tips to increase your child's independence in preparation for next year

  • Finding the 'just right' challenge for your child

  • Extending your child's current skills while setting them up for success

  • Ideas to help make the preparation and year ahead run smoothly

To express your interest or ask further questions about the program,

please email or call 0432 866 576. 

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